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Have your home, kitchen, bathroom, or basement renovated


Bathroom Remodeling


Your bathrooms play an important role in your day to day comfort. So if your bathrooms are outdated or simply not big enough, you need a bathroom design team with the tools and skills to revamp them as necessary. That's where we come in. As a bathroom remodelling company in Silver Spring, MD, Yuri's Home Repair Inc can design the ideal bathroom setup to suit your needs. Whether you're looking to update a single bathroom or multiple bathrooms, we're ready to take on your project and complete it in a manner that exceeds your expectations.


At Yuri's Home Repair Inc, we're ready to help you make your bathrooms more functional and aesthetically pleasing. When you hire our bathroom design team, our talented, experienced contractors will work to evaluate your current space and come up with creative ways to maximise it, all the while sticking to your established budget.


When your bathroom is no longer meeting your needs, you might want to hire a competent bathroom renovator to help you revitalise your interior. The crew from Yuri's Reliable Home Repair takes pride in providing great customer service to clients in and around Silver Spring, MD.


High-Quality Remodeling Services

Whether you need us to swap out a few broken fixtures or revamp your entire space, we have the tools and the experience necessary to complete your job in a prompt fashion. No project is too simple or too complex for us to handle with efficiency, and we'll work hard to deliver fantastic results.


Give Yuri's Home Repair a call today to obtain an estimate on the cost of your remodelling job. Our skilled bathroom renovators pride themselves on the quality craftsmanship they routinely provide to homeowners throughout the Greater Silver Spring area. Earning your satisfaction will be our number one priority.

Kitchen Remodeling


Gone are the days when kitchen design consisted of cookie-cutter layouts and products that were notoriously low in quality. These days, home and business owners across Silver Spring, MD are growing much more sophisticated, and rightfully so. Given the high-quality materials available to kitchen remodelling contractors today, it pays to invest in a kitchen that's as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing.



The professionals at Yuri's Home Repair Inc in Silver Spring, MD are passionate about kitchen design. We believe that your kitchen should serve as a tastefully crafted centrepiece for your home or office, so we'll work with you to create a setup that suits your taste and maximises your budget. We take great pride in the work we do, and our goal is to design a kitchen that exceeds your expectations.

These days, there's no need to settle for a lacklustre kitchen. Call the design professionals at Yuri's Home Repair Inc now to discuss your kitchen project.


If you've grown tired of trying to prepare food in a faded and outdated cooking space, see how the kitchen remodeling team from Yuri's Reliable Home Repair can help you update its look and feel. We work hard to exceed the expectations of our customers from Silver Spring, MD, and we’d like the chance to revitalise your culinary space.


We'll Rework Your Kitchen

Regardless of the size or the layout of your kitchen, we're up to the task of rejuvenating it in a way that will appease you. We'll do what we can to understand the features you want and the vision you have in order to provide you with outstanding results. You can trust us to pay attention to each detail so that we don’t miss a thing.

The professionals from Yuri's Reliable Home Repair are ready to breathe new life into your cooking space. Call us today to discuss the particulars of your kitchen remodelling endeavour. We’re pleased to be able to serve clients throughout the Greater Silver Spring area.


Basement Remodeling


A basement remodels can be simple framing, drywall, and carpeting or may include media rooms, billiard rooms, and luxury bathrooms. 


Is your basement unfinished? Not sure what to do with all that extra square footage? Yuri's Home Repair Inc can help. As an established general contractor in Silver Spring, MD, Yuri's Home Repair Inc's basement design services can help transform your underground space into a functional component of your house.


Perhaps you're looking for a place to entertain. Or maybe you'd like to build an office or exercise room. With Yuri's Home Repair Inc's basement design services, the possibilities are truly endless. From customised wine storage areas to theatre rooms and everything in between, we offer a wide range of services designed to help you make the most of your basement. And when you work with us, you'll benefit from our:

  • Reasonable rates

  • Easy and convenient scheduling

  • Experienced, courteous team

  • Knowledge of local building codes and regulations


Increase your living space and make an investment in your home with Yuri's Home Repair Inc's basement design services. For more information or to schedule an estimate, call us today.


Bathroom remodeling
Kitchen remodeling
Basemeent remodeling
General Handyman tasks
Shelves installation

We hang shelves up!

The true skill in hanging and mounting shelves lies in the secure shelves installation regardless the type of wall. After all, fitting heavy bookshelves on a drywall won’t bring anything good, leave the job to the specialists at Yuri's Home Repair.

Assembly services
assembly installation

Set-up any modern furniture for your home in no time

If the instruction manual for your new desk looks confusing and you don't have the time to play a guessing game, then drop whatever components you're currently holding and give Yuri's Home Repair a call. The swift and reliable specialists will assemble your desk or any other type of furniture in accordance with all safety regulations and manufacturer's instructions. And no matter if you need a couple of elegant president chairs for your office or computer furniture for home use, you can always count on the assembly team to do their job as fast as possible and at fairly affordable rates.

Whatever you decided to buy for your home or office, Yuri's Home Repair can readily assemble it. The knowledgeable and experienced team can easily install fancy sectional seating or assemble some really comfortable sofas for the office.

If you are looking to create an even cozier atmosphere in your home or office, the specialists can also assemble and place buffets, hutches, and cabinets of any material and size at strategic locations.

If you just had extensive bathroom repairs, the pros can assist you in assembling your newly bought bathroom furniture. Or if you don't want your big plasma TV mounted on your living room wall, they can put the pieces of its original television stand together.

Painting & Decorating
painting & decorating

We've got the tools and skills for a seamless painting job


Professional painters and decorators can handle any painting job you've got waiting. We’ve got the necessary skills and equipment to finish the job quickly and efficiently without causing a mess.


Every now and then we get the urge to repaint our living room or bedroom. But doing so on your own will take you lots of time and effort that you could easily spend elsewhere. Instead, let Yuri's Home Repair get on the case and handle everything for you. 


The easy way to refresh your kitchen and bathroom


A professional grouting service from Yuri's Home Repair ensures the job will be done correctly. This is one of those finishing procedures that require experience and craftsmanship. Your specialist will handle the job with ease and you can start using that tiled floor (or any other surface) as soon as the grout hardens

Grouting comes easily to the multi-skilled handymen


Grout-related jobs we can help you with:

  • Replacement or complete removal of old grout

  • Application of grout for floor tiles

  • Application of grout for wall tiles

  • Repairs for grout cracks


Have Your Baths, Sinks, and Showers Sealed Right by Experts - Quickly and Efficiently

A professional sealing service ensures that you won’t have troubles with mildew and fungus in the future. The expert handymen know exactly how to apply sealants to ensure they will serve their purpose. And the job will be done cleanly and efficiently, without disrupting your daily routines too much.

Tiling your bathroom or kitchen has never been easier

Yuri's Home Repair can help you with professional tiling services in MD-DC-VA. We can send expert tile fitters to your place who will remove the old ones and place the new with minimum hassle. Soon you will be able to enjoy your newly tiled bathroom, kitchen, or floor in any other room. We offer you one of the fastest and most reliable ways to deal with this particular type of home improvement. The specialists will make sure that you are content with the work they've done.

- Small repairs and touch-ups

- Wall painting

- Cabinet painting

- Doors and windows painting

- Paint stripping

- Filling in cracks and holes in plaster

- Tiling, grouting, and re-sealing

- Sealing baths, sinks, and showers

sealing baths and showers

Furniture repair service with an eye for detail


Why throw away perfectly usable possessions? The pros at Yuri's Home Repair can mend deep scratches or unsightly tears on almost any kind of home & office furniture. From performing furniture stripping to professional furniture scratch repair, the efficient handymen will use the latest available tools and methods in the field to repair your wood furniture in a satisfactory way.


Door hanging for a stylish home


Doors are a simple, yet brilliant invention that allows us to retain our sense of privacy and security. But even they require the occasional maintenance or replacement, for example when the locking mechanism of your front door refuses to work, or if you want your apartment to be in touch with the modern times. Another reason may be if your house has been recently robbed and you need a more durable lock that can withstand an assault. Yuri's Home Repair can help you in all of these situations.


From designing to fitting - you get your kitchen ready for use


Having a kitchen refurbishment? Or you just need to renovate it a bit? Do you need to replace the cabinet doors because the old ones have faded? Yuri's Home Repair can help you with all kitchen cabinetry. Multi-skilled repairmen and technicians will handle everything from assembly to fitting units, hanging cupboards and appliances installation. Looking for custom designed solutions? You can rely on professional carpentry help from Yuri's Home Repair. We can design, build and install custom cabinets, cupboards, replacement doors, wall units and much more.


Get your flooring back in shape 


Laminate or wood flooring will often cost you a small fortune to install, especially if you own a sizable property. But in case you've pulled a chair a bit too hard or dropped a heavy refrigerator on top, don't be quick to spend heaps of money on a restoration project. With Yuri's Home Repair, you can get a speedy and reliable wooden floor repair service that is designed around your individual floor and the damage it has sustained. And all of this will come at a fairly budget-friendly price, too!


The experienced specialists can fix any type of wooden flooring


Is your oak kitchen flooring marred by a scratch or two? The qualified and precise experts can neatly mask any signs of wear. They can also provide you with quality wood floor refinishing and tidy laminate, hardwood, maple, cherry, or even parquet flooring repair.


Wooden floors - a stylish addition to your home


No home or office is complete without a classy, well-polished flooring, especially if it's made out of wood. But what makes wooden flooring so special? Because unlike the plain, cold tiles that you're so used to seeing in every kitchen, wood flooring is warmer to the touch, makes rooms feel brighter and more cheerful, and will never go out of fashion. So, if you're looking for a professional wooden flooring installation and excellent workmanship, then Yuri's Home Repair is the right company for you.


Fast and reliable door repairs and replacements


Your door might be damaged due to uncontrolled slamming or maybe it is warped, split, or has completely fallen because of an attempted burglary. If it's not locking or latching anymore, then Yuri's Home Repair can help you with:

  • Anything from replacing worn hinges to upgrading the locks for insurance purposes, you can fully count on the pros;

  • All required equipment and tools are provided;

  • Materials if needed, can be purchased and delivered


Protect your home from damage with leak repair


Fixing a leaky sink or replacing old or faulty pipes is not exactly cheap, a proper water leak repair is sure to save you lots of hassle in the long run.

If a leaking bathroom or a heavily leaking pipe is left ignored, the resulting water streaks will promote the growth of mold and mildew on your interior walls, rot your home's wooden foundations, and cause steel surfaces to rust. Should water come into contact with any exposed electrical wires, it may also spark a fire that can quickly spread from room to room. And let's not forget that the excess drops of water released by, say, a leaking shower or a dripping faucet, will add a few extra digits to your monthly water bill statement.


Keep water on rails with proper pipe & leak repair


No matter where the leaks decide to pop up, Yuri's Home Repair can help you seal them for good. The precise and skilled technicians can easily fix dripping faucets, leaking taps, water heater leaks, and plumbing leaks. The experts have you covered even if you're in urgent need of more demanding jobs, such as water pipe leak repair and major replacements.

leak repair
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